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Kandahar Journals DVD + Blu-ray Release in Germany 2017

Kandahar Journals Wins 7th Award

Kandahar Journals is selected as Best International Documentary Film at the Chagrin Falls Documentary Film Festival on October 8, 2016.


Kandahar Journals at Docs Barcelona

Interviewed in numerous media outlets including this piece on Televisio 3 in Spain.



Kandahar Journals Shortlisted for Best Documentary Film

Dok Munich added an extra screening for a total of 5 screenings of the film as it was very popular at the festival after being shortlisted for best film. It was standing room only as by the fourth screening people were sitting in the aisles for a chance to see the film.

Die Zeit one of Germany's most read newspapers included several images from the film in an interview with Festival Director Daniel Sponsel.


Kandahar Journals Wins 6th Award

Kandahar Journals is selected for the 25th Arizona International Film Festival Festival Grand Prize Winner.


Kandahar Journals Wins 5th Award

The Buffalo Niagara International Film Festival has award KJ's with the Falls Award For Best Canadian Film. Thank you Upstate New York.

Kandahar Journals goes German

Very exciting news from Germany for our film Kandahar Journals!

We are excited to announce that we are partnering with Studio Hamburg GmbH for the distribution and translation (with subtitles) to German of Kandahar Journals for Germany, Liechtenstein, Alto Adige, Austria and Switzerland. Thank you Studio Hamburg.




Kandahar Journals Wins Fourth Award

Kandahar Journals is selected for a Gold Award from the Los Angeles Film Review Independent Film Awards

Kandahar Journals Featured in News Photographer Magazine

Film featured in theNational Press Photographers Associations #NPPA magazine, written by Seth Gitner.



Louie Palu's video work for Kandahar Journals was awarded First Place in Conflict Disaster Coverage in the White House News Photographers Association annual Eyes of History Contest in the Video Photography category.


Kandahar Journals was selected as one of the top films of the year by the SPOTLIGHT Documentary Film Awards.

Kandahar Journals is an official selection for the Blow-Up Arthouse International Film Festival in Chicago. The film has was nominated for and won the Best Documentary Feature: Dziga Vertov Award.

"Afghanistan Is for Documentarians"

November 2, 2015, Roll Call, by Jason Dick


Featured in The Atlantic Photo Blog by Alan Taylor

Nov 3, 2015



"Pilot WavesPodcast with Director of Kandahar Journals, Louie Palu"

November 3, 2015, by Alex Vidales

LINK HERE   https://soundcloud.com/pilotwavespodcast/louiepalu


"The POV Interview: Louie Palu on ‘Kandahar Journals"

By Vincenzo Pietropaolo • Published October 27th, 2015

LINK HERE   http://povmagazine.com/articles/view/the-pov-interview-louie-palu-on-kandahar-journals



"Doc Kandahar Journals traces photojournalist’s experience covering front-line combat"

October 25, 2015, The Globe and Mail, by Brad Wheeler



"Canadian photographer’s documentary a harrowing insider view of Afghan war"

October 4, 2015, Edmonton Journal, by Colin Perkel (via Canadian Press). Simultaneously published by Calgary Herald, Brandon Sun, Victoria Times Colonist, Metro Toronto, CTV News, CITY-TV Toronto, Saskatoon Star Phoenix, The Chronicle Herald and more.



"Kandahar Journals: un documentaire pour expliquer la guerre Afghane"

Octobre 4, 2015 LaPress



"A new documentary on the combat mission left off the front pages"

CBC Radio Ottawa, September 24, 2015



News Talk Radio CFRA 580 Radio Interview with director Louie Palu

Sep 24, 2015 with Rick Gibbons (Starts 0:15:30 in the program)



CBC - Power and Politics, Interview with director Louie Palu 

Sep 24, 2015 with Rosemary Barton (Starts 1:41:57 in the program)



"Documentary Reveals Insider View of Photojournalist’s Life"

Photo Life, September 2015



"New documentary film offers a photographer's focus on the Afghan war"

Ottawa Citizen, September 24, 2015



"The Shrill Silences of War: Kandahar Journals & a Photographer's Journey in Afghanistan"

Daily Kos, September 22, 2015



Picture Lock - Kandahar Journals Interview with co-directors Louie Palu & Devin Gallagher

by Kevin Sampson, September 22, 2015



"One Reporter's Psychological Transformation Of Covering War On Terror"

HuffPost Live,  September 4, 2015

Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani interviews Louie Palu



"Sobering look at an uncovered front in a war..."

Daily Kos, June 25, 2014 by Drew Gibson

About a year ago in the summer of 2014 before we started editing and were fundraising for the film we got this review from Daily Kos, which is an American Political Blog with a Liberal point of view. We the creators of Kandahar Journals are committed to remain objective journalists and always non-partisan in our politics, however this piece is smartly written, sheds light on many important layers about Kandahar and the war in Afghanistan and is worth a read. Here is an excerpt:

"As its name suggests, the film chronicles the time that Palu spent covering the War in Afghanistan in and around the city of Kandahar, which has served as the epicenter of the Taliban's development since they captured the city in 1994 and made it their capital. From what little footage I have seen, the film looks to be an artfully crafted and sobering look at an uncovered front in a war that was in many ways eclipsed by the War in Iraq and, as a result, a war that has maintained a startlingly low-profile in the American media over the past decade."

More here